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From time to time there may be cases in your care that you feel you may not achieve a satisfactory presentation.

The embalming of the deceased has be completed to your satisfaction,but you may not have the skills to achieve your desired finish. 

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At GT Embalming we have a team of specialists that may be able to help you achieve your goal.

For more information please call us on 01273 693772

The Late Mr Rhyhiem Barton was brutally murdered on the streets of London. He sadly suffered a lethal shot to the chest. His case was displayed on national news and BBC panorama: this was indeed a very sensitive matter. Due to police investigation and forensic post-mortem etc, Mr Barton was under the coroners care for quite some time so by the time he came into our care (some 4 weeks later) he was not in a viewable condition. His mother said that she was going to see him no matter what. I knew that I had to reach out for specialist help. Kevin Sinclair certainly came to our rescue he managed to recreate a new face for Rhyhiem allowing his family the opportunity to not only see him and say farewell here in the UK but also in Jamaica. We can not thank Kevin and his team enough, they certainly are the best at what they do.

Gary Valentine-Fuller Managing Director Valentine & Turner

I would like provide you with feedback from the family on the work you did for Joshua Anderson, the little boy that you managed to airbrush and make viewable for his family. Joshua lasted until the day of his funeral. His family came in and spent an hour with him and had a little vigil in our chapel with an open coffin. They were amazed and moved that we (you!) had managed to present him in such a way that they could say their good byes and it meant the world to them. They were deeply appreciative and thankful for the opportunity. We could not have achieved that without your skill and expertise, so I want you to know how grateful I am for what you did to help that family. Thank you so very, very much

Sean Martin, Peasgood and Skeates Funeral Directors

Sophie was a family friend of ours who was sadly murdered also, she was only 31  with two beautiful children. She  was sadly in the coroners care for quite some time, when she was finally allowed into our care, Sophie was absolutely unrecognisable and most certainly not viewable, Kevin managed to recreate a new face for Sophie,  he worked for hours to try and recreate the smallest of details, eye lashes, freckles, you name it, he did it. Kevin managed to give Sophie’s family the opportunity to say their last goodbye. We remain eternally grateful to him for all he has done. He is an artist like no other, the best in his field.

Gary Valentine-Fuller Managing Director Valentine & Turner