GT Embalming Lone Worker Policy

As part of our on going improvements in our Health and Safety Policies, we are proud to introduce our lone worker policy throughout our whole team.

In the past it has always been a difficult subject to approach in regards to embalm safely in either before or after normal working hours. 

A lot of companies, quite rightly so have expressed their caution in allowing our team to be working without any of their employees being on premises.

After much research we have now devised a lone worker policy and statement for all our clients to have and as part of that statement we now have Smart technology helping us. 

Each embalmer has an App on their Smart phone from StaySafe  which allows them in real time to be on any funeral directors premises out of hours.  

The embalmer sets a timer which will activate an alarm notice to the GT management team that someone is lone working

They then can carry on as normal the processes needed but if something happens and they do not respond to the alarm system an alarm will be sent to GT that the embalmer is in trouble.

In real time we can look at their location using the smartphones GPS and then either try to contact the embalmer or contact the funeral directors duty manager or the emergency services

if everything is ok and after the embalming is completed the app will send the GT Team a stand down message. 

For more details please contact us at or 01273693772