A Professional  Embalming Service for the Funeral Industry

G.T.Embalming Service Ltd is one of the largest embalming services in the funeral industry.
Our team is highly motivated and dedicated to providing an embalming service able to handle all cases.
We will continue to develop our embalmers skills and establish a lasting professional relationship with our funeral clients.

Our Services

Biohazard Embalming

We have specialists in Biohazard Embalming, also solutions to cases that possibly cannot be embalmed but still may wish to be viewed.

Reconstruction Embalming

Perhaps there is a case in your care that maybe your embalmer does not feel confident about handling. We have experts in reconstruction that can possibly help you.

Repatriation Embalming

In conjunction with many repatriation companies, we have the ability to travel to anywhere in the world to bring home the deceased into your care

Formaldehyde Testing

We offer our funeral clients periodic formaldehyde testing of their embalming rooms.

Funeral Service Embalming Education

Both Geoff Taylor and Kevin Sinclair continue to present educational sessions to funeral companies and associations on many varied subjects to aid  the on going training of funeral staff.

Insurance Coverage

Professional Indemnity Insurance    to cover all our embalmers

Fixion Nail Investigating

We have specialists in fixion nail investigation do determine whether the nail is a solid/gas/saline implant.  

Post Embalming Cosmetics

We offer a service where the deceased in your care may need intensive restoration work. we have vast experience in restoration cosmetics.   

The British Institute of Embalmers 

The British Institute of Embalmers (BIE) was founded in 1927 by a group of 15 Funeral Directors who recognized the need for a separate organization for the professional embalmer.The purpose of the British Institute of Embalmers is to advance and promote the art and science of embalming.

The National Association of Funeral Directors.

Established in 1905, the NAFD represents the interests of the entire spectrum of funeral directing businesses – including independent businesses, the Co-operative and major funeral groups – who conduct in excess of 80% of UK funerals every year.

The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

SAIF was established in 1989 and represents more than 870 privately owned, independent funeral homes across the UK.We work hard within the profession to promote best practice and protect the interests of our members and their local communities.

The European Association of Embalmers.

The European Association of Embalmers, also EAE, is an organisation that is open to all professional embalmers across Europe and even beyond.

Contact Us

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Geoff Taylor 07831 312914

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