Ray Hood Associates School of Embalming has a flexible approach which attracts those with busy lives. It is a vibrant school offering part time study, continually striving to maintain it’s reputation for both practical and academic excellence.


The Institute is committed to supporting and protecting the status, character and interest of persons professing or practising the art and science of embalming.


We offer a learning environment that suits all students regardless of whether you are already in the industry or not. We provide allyour theoretical and practical tuition as part of your course .


The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) is a trade association whose members are all independent funeral directors. The funeral service they offer is not part of a national or international conglomerate or chain, but is privately owned and managed.


Rowland Brothers International has been providing advice and international repatriation services for over 40 years. Our reputation and expertise are such that they we have been the official helpline for The National Association of Funeral Directors and its members for 15 years.


Established in 1905, the NAFD represents the interests of the entire spectrum of funeral directing businesses  including independent businesses, the Co-operative and major funeral groups  who conduct in excess of 80% of UK funerals every year.


European Embalming Products Company Ltd (EEP CO Ltd) was formed in

2010; it aims to provide a more secure, safe environment for embalmers of today. It endeavours to achieve this by providing a more comprehensive and innovative variety of products including high quality instruments, sundries and of course our excellent range of less fuming preserving fluids.


Many have come to recognize the name Dodge with quality, support and customer service. That has been our goal for more than 120 years in business as one of, if not, the largest supplier of funeral products in the world.


Memorial Casts are Nick Reynolds and his team of experts who produce either the face or hands casts in a variety of finishes from plaster, bonded marble, cold cast bronze or bronze.